HRV Lifestyle Assessment

Does your body recover when you sleep at night?
Did you even know that not recovering during sleep was a thing?
Which 5 factors are likely to most affect your sleep?
Are you getting plenty of recovery during your day?
What even is ‘daytime recovery’ and why do we need it?
What is causing you the most stress during your week?
Are you rested enough to work efficiently? To exercise?
Are you exercising at the right times? Is your exercise adding to your stress or improving it?


The Lifestyle Assessment addresses all of the above and so much more – it is utterly fascinating, clients love it because it offers a peek ‘under the hood’ of their physiology and drives real and lasting change based on their own data.

So what is HRV?

From beat to beat, heart rate is constantly changing to meet the needs of life. Heart rate variability (HRV) means the variation in time between consecutive heartbeats. This information combined with heart rate and other bio markers, helps us begin to evaluate the activity of the autonomic nervous system – understanding this activity is key to consistent, excellent performance under pressure and improving well-being.

A Lifestyle Assessment, using a Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 monitor provides a unique data driven picture of your wellbeing, performance and resilience.


Key Benefits of the Assessment:

  • Understanding your personal physiological response to pressure and stress
  • Measuring the quality of your sleep and recovery
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your exercise and training regime
  • Measuring the quality of your recovery during the day
  • Assessing your well-being and positive energy levels
  • Assessing your physical and mental capacity to perform under pressure

What does it involve?

In brief you wear a small monitor and keep a diary for the measurement period so that you can see which meeting, which client, which part of your work or weekend day has the most effect on your stress levels – sometimes it flags up areas which we don’t consciously realise are having an effect.

The process starts with us sending you a monitor in the post, and we will then arrange a one on one 45 minute session over Zoom once you have received it, where I explain the assessment and the science behind it and set you up.

You wear the monitor for a minimum of 3 and up to 7 days, ideally during both a weekend and some working days so that we can compare the two. You wear it 24/7 except when showering, swimming or bathing and then send it back once done in the prepaid envelope.

On receipt we download the data and produce a Lifestyle Assessment Report which we then go through in a follow up virtual session  – this takes between 45 minutes to an hour, looking both at your own data and the report, and also at some general ‘coping strategies’ – ways to make lasting changes.

Clients absolutely love the assessment and often ask to do a second measurement within 3 months to put into practice and test the effectiveness of the changes that they have made.

Learn more about the process in this short video;

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